SokoPro is a web-based service for data management, sharing and archiving.
Managed construction
A single construction project, a big shopping center or multiple projects and contractors – managing a construction project with SokoPro is flexible. Information about schedules, deliveries and blueprints are always up to date. Besides the electronic sharing, you can order the material in paper prints, when our couriers handle the delivery.
Property management
SokoPro can be utilized in property maintenance throughout its life cycle. The blueprints are safe and available for instance for renovations. The up-to-date data found in SokoPro bring cost-efficiency and saving of time and money.
Information security certified and safe to use
SokoPro is a construction field’s pioneer in information security with a granted certification. The project bank is web-based and used by the participants with their personal accounts and passwords. SokoPro’s interfaces also enable linkages to other customer web systems.