Case: Helsingin Pro Isännöinti Ltd

The entire life cycle in SokoPro
The property manager’s role and responsibilities grow in importance when the repair needs of properties increase and the laws and regulations become increasingly stringent. A qualified property manager is ever more important for the shareholders of a housing or real-estate company as the property manager’s professional competence has a major bearing on the value of the property. Sokopro is also an excellent tool for property managers – it is available as a cloud-based service irrespective of time and place.
“Consider, for example, a pipe rupture and water leak in a housing company. The drawings are instantly available in the electronic project bank for rapid location of the leak. The up-to-date electronic information readily available in SokoPro also adds to the much-needed cost-effectiveness. The cost savings thus obtained will ultimately benefit the housing company’s shareholders,”
says Pekka Aalto, Managing Director of Helsingin Pro Isännöinti Ltd.

Case: Hartela

Customer experiences
SokoPro – a tool for communications
The Finnish construction company Hartela has been involved in the development of SokoPro for as much as 25 years. For Hartela, SokoPro is an important project management and communications tool. A necessary prerequisite for the successful management of large construction projects is that voluminous flows of data and the essential information – project timetables, calls for tenders, plans and designs – are readily available to all those concerned in real-time.
“The fragmented nature and rapidly changing prospects of the construction industry are one of the reasons why open and durable cooperation relationships are difficult to establish. The SokoPro cooperation makes a brilliant exception in this regard. Instead of putting the contract for project bank supplier out to open tender every year with the price being the main criterion, we have been able to build cooperation specifically on a partner basis.”
Kari Varkki, Head of Business Development, Hartela-yhtiöt Ltd

Case: Länsimetro

SokoPro and 260,000 documents
The SokoPro project bank has served as a principal tool in Finland’s largest infrastructure project, the westbound extension of the Helsinki metro line.
“For us, SokoPro is a vital channel for disseminating information. We have more than 260,000 different documents stored in the project bank – plans, drawings, minutes, contracts. As is customary in any infrastructure project, the project has been divided into a number of separate contracts. Each site has its own site journal and occupational safety metrics. For each contract, the designated project personnel have access to the information stored in SokoPro with their personal user credentials. Access to the information pertaining to the entire project is only granted to the client and the construction consultant. The correct information is available exactly where it should be.”
Matti Kokkinen, Managing Director, Länsimetro Ltd

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