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The first time you access a published document for viewing through your browser, you will be required to download the Brava ActiveX control onto your system. This requirement is a onetime installation. Click Run at the prompt to begin the installation. Once installed, if you have ActiveX controls blocked in your browser option settings, you will need to select Allow Blocked Content from the IE Security bar when prompted.
Download Brava_Enterprise_7.0._Client.msi from here:
1.Download the file
2.Follow the wizard
3.Success & relaunch the browser!
How to Check Your ActiveX Security Settings
To use Brava Enterprise, you need Internet Explorer (IE) 6+ with ActiveX enabled. Brava Enterprise control is signed and secure. If you aren’t seeing the Brava application in your browser window, check your ActiveX security levels.
For IE 9, 10 or 11:
Go to the Control Panel
Select Internet Options.
Change to the Security tab.
Add ”” to your trusted sites.
Alternatively, you can lower your Security settings to Medium or lower (this is not recommended).
Click on the Custom Level button and make sure Download signed ActiveX controls is set to Prompt or Enable.
If you cannot change these settings or if after following these steps, you still cannot load our ActiveX control, you may need to check with your System Administrator to see if they have implemented a global restriction on ActiveX. Cannot View Documents You may have an older version of the Brava viewer installed.
To remove the old viewer:
1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\.
2- Remove the BravaClientXView class file.
3. Return to the demo and the correct version will install automatically.
Internet options (IE-Browser)
1. Start Internet Explorer.
2. Select the top right corner of the Tools button (the gear icon) > click on the drop-down menu Internet Options button.
3. Click the Security tab > Click the Trusted Sites button, and then click the Sites button.
Add the address: site as a trusted site in your browser.
4. Select the Advanced tab > the following setups should be switch off: Do not save encrypted pages to disk and Enable Enhanced Protected Mode.
4. Close Internet Explorer and restart your browser again.
5. Start Brava again in SokoPro.