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Grano Magazine: Shopping Centre Ratina

A site camera captures the progress of a construction project

Those interested have been able to follow the construction of Ratina via an on-site camera since summer 2015. The site camera is one of the additional features available for SokoPro.

A site camera transmits a direct feed of a project’s progress to the customer. Its placement at the work site is always determined on a case-by-case basis.

“Our experts assess the potential camera angles on site/remotelyand provide a recommendation onwhere to place the camera. The customer is then provided with a user account to the service, through which they can monitor the progress of the project based on the footage transmitted by the camera.” explains Suvi Viitala from Grano.

Once installed, the camera continues to capture a constant stream of footage throughout the project. The pictures of shopping centre Ratina can be viewed by the minute, hour, day or month.

“Usually the camera is configured to take a picture once every minute, but the frequency can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.” Viitala says.

The site camera service is aimed at property developers and contractors. The camera is delivered ready to use, so the only thing the customer has to do is attach it in place and plug it in. The site camera functions anywhere with mobile network coverage and only needs electricity.

“The benefit is that the user can monitor the progress of the project, as well as compare and view what the project looked like three months ago, for example. The possibility of sharing a link to the camera feed to cooperation partners also provides added value for customers.” Viitala emphasises.

The individual images can also be used to compile a time lapse video that includes a picture from every single day of the project’s entire duration, for example. The site cameras supplied by Grano capture images at 5K resolution.

Jani Kohtanen