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Grano Magazine: Legislative change making public procurement electronic

The laws governing the public procurement process in the EU stipulate that invitations to tender must be published and tenders themselves submitted electronically from 18 October onwards. One of the aims of the legislative change is to make the tendering of public procurements fairer for all the parties involved throughout the EU.The SokoPro project bank has also been updated to meet the requirements of the new legislation.

SokoPro offers a platform for publishing invitations to tender and submitting tenders. The system has already been updated to fulfil the requirements of public procurement law. SokoPro’s features include the possibility of locking electronic tenders and determining their opening date, as well as administering tendering documents.

“Additionally, the software sends all messages and notifications in both Finnish and English. This ensures that all parties are treated fairly,”states SokoPro system expert Rasmus Vainio.

Information security also plays an important role in public procurement tendering. The names of the companies responding to invitations to tender must remain secret until the procurement decision is published, and leaks must be avoided at all cost. Luckily SokoPro has been granted an information security certificate by the information security consultancy Nixu Corporation as an indication of the system’s high level of information security.

Built-in and automatic approval of suppliers’ contractor liability

SokoPro’s benefits in regard to tendering include its massive storage capacity and the possibility of sharing documents to desired target groups easily, equally and simultaneously.

“Based on feedback, our customers appreciate the fact the SokoPro allows them to share large sets of documents conveniently and quickly,” says Vainio.

Although EU procurements now necessitate the use of electronic systems, customers can still order paper documents as well. All of Grano’s copying and printing facilities are linked to SokoPro, thanks to which customers can order hardcopies of documents directly from the service and have them delivered to their address.

SokoPro’s tendering tool also features integrated approval of suppliers’ contractor liability. Based on the suppliers’ business ID, the system immediately informs the user of the tendering tool whether their contractor liability issues are in order, and also offers a downloadable report on the details.

“The increase in electronic tendering has been notable for us in the run-up to the legislative change. The growth in the sales of SokoPro’s tendering tool has been nothing short of explosive,” states Vainio.