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Grano’s SokoPro granted an information security certificate by Nixu Corporation

The leading information security consultancy in the Nordic countries, Nixu Corporation, has granted Grano’s SokoPro system an information security certificate as a sign of the high level of protection in the product.

The information security certificate shows our end users that SokoPro is appropriately monitored and that the service is developed with a focus on security.

“The information security work conducted as part of software development examines the service “under the hood”. It takes more than simple “band-aid” fixes to pass the audit. The certification enables the project bank to be used in even the most demanding projects.” says SokoPro’s lead developer Fernando Korpi.

“We have been working with Nixu Corporation’s information security experts since 2012 and have been very pleased with the results. We will be continuing this active collaboration in the future as well, as we take our customers’ information security in SokoPro very seriously.”

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