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Why SokoPro 2.0?


SokoPro 2.0 is the result of years of development and adapts to changes in the project and needs. Sokopro 2.0 was developed based on user feedback. The new SokoPro is agile and works with all browsers regardless of the device. Many new and improved features have been developed for this version to ensure a pleasant user experience.


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Book a free demonstration through the button below, and our expert will introduce you to the new SokoPro and its versatile functionalities. For example, you can now preview combination models, DWG files and Office documents directly in SokoPro without a separate preview program.


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SokoPro 2.0 features

The new version boasts many new and improved features.

Extensive search features

File search based on file type and content, for example. Filtering with metadata.

Easy user invitation process

Only an e-mail address is needed for a user invitation.

User interface in 15 languages

SokoPro can be used in 15 languages, which enables even international teams to access the project effortlessly.

Previewing IFC and DWG files

Combination models can now be examined directly in the SokoPro preview.

Previewing Office documents and videos

Examining Office documents and videos directly in the SokoPro preview.

Saving the folder structure

You can now import entire folder structures with files into the project, which significantly reduces the need for manual work when managing large quantities of files.

Hiding empty folders

Empty folders can be hidden in the folder structure.

Extensive help portal

All users have access to an extensive and up-to-date help portal.

SokoBid tendering tool

Tendering tool for procurements of all sizes.

SokoSite site journal

Electronic site journal as well as TR and MVR indicators.

Better performance

Faster transfers and file management.

Revamped user interface

A user interface that is even more user-friendly and straightforward than before.

SokoPro 1.0 will continue to be maintained as before


Even though we still appreciate the old SokoPro, it has unfortunately become just that – old. As such, we will be sunsetting SokoPro 1.0 and opening all projects ordered after 1 April 2023 in the new SokoPro version. As a general rule, this means that we will no longer be opening new projects in SokoPro 1.0.


However, we will continue providing the same maintenance and services for all projects already open in the old version.

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