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Make call for bids processes easy by introducing the SokoBid tool.


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What is SokoBid?


SokoBid is an easy-to-use tendering tool for the SokoPro 2.0 version, which allows you to send our calls for bids for procurements of all sizes.


SokoBid allows you to send quotes and addendums or create a link for public call for bids. You can receive offers and potential suitability documents conveniently to SokoBid, which allows you to review the files directly in SokoBid’s preview without having to download them separately.


The SokoBid Bidders’ portal will be available to bidders, showing all the calls for bids addressed to them that were created through SokoBid, as well as their attached materials.


Choose SokoBid and bring all materials in one system!



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Functionalities of SokoBid

You will have access to many great functionalities that make calls for bids efficient and easy.

Locking offers

The materials submitted by bidders can only be viewed once the validity period of the call for bids comes to an end.

Two-stage tendering

The bidders submit suitability documents and price attachments separately.

Questions & Answers

Allows bidders to submit questions anonymously through SokoBid until the set deadline.

Registration link to public bidding channels

A public link that can be linked to public bidding channels

Downloading files from a SokoPro project or your device

Download files – of even entire folder structures – directly from a SokoPro project or your own device.

File preview

Previewing files directly via SokoBid

Sending messages regarding a bid

Option to send email messages related to a specific bid

Determining the opening time for offers

The materials submitted by bidders can only be viewed once the deadline set for the bid’s opening ceremony closes


Option to create addendums to a tender

Bidders’ portal

A specific portal for bidders that uses the same login data as SokoPro

Log data

Option to follow the progress of a call for bids

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