Terms of use

  1. General

These general terms of use (hereinafter referred to as ”Terms”) are applied to the use of the SokoPro service developed and provided by Grano Oy (hereinafter referred to as ”Grano”).

The user must read these Terms carefully before using the SokoPro service. These Terms are applied to all user actions within the SokoPro service. The user commits to adhering by these Terms regardless of which device they use to access the SokoPro service. The use of the SokoPro service is not allowed if the user has not agreed to these Terms.

The Terms determine the rights and obligations of the parties concerning the SokoPro service. In addition to this, the use of the SokoPro service is subject to any other terms concerning the SokoPro service that Grano may have put in place and published on its own website at http://www.sokopro.com/, such as the terms of the Grano privacy statement and cookie policy. If these Terms and the other terms mentioned above are contradictory to each other, these Terms take precedence.

  1. Access right and user roles in the SokoPro service

The use of the SokoPro service requires registration and the provision of the requested personal information and any other identifying information to Grano, before the SokoPro service user ID and password (“User ID”) may be created and use started. The user must not disclose their User ID. The user commits to providing the correct information at the time of registration and keeping information up to date. Grano is not obliged to verify the person’s right to represent a business or a community while registering with the SokoPro service.

The roles of the SokoPro Helpdesk and software developer are as follows:

  • The Helpdesk is in charge of technical support for SokoPro.
  • SokoPro software developers are in charge of product maintenance and development.
  • The Helpdesk may add new users to a project based on an agreement with the orderer.
  • The Helpdesk is in charge of opening new projects.
  • The Helpdesk is responsible for concluding and archiving projects. The measures described above are always conducted based on a request by the orderer.
  • The Helpdesk will add more features for project users based on a request by the orderer.

The role of the project administrator is as follows:

  • The project administrator is a SokoPro user in charge appointed by the orderer.
  • The project administrator has full rights to view all of the content of the project in question.
  • The project administrator may add more users to the project.
  • The project administrator may edit the directory structure of the project as they please.
  • The project administrator defines the users’ directory rights in the project. There are four types of directory rights: no rights, read-only rights, editing rights and deletion rights.
  • The project administrator can use all of the rights that have been ordered for their project.
  • The administrator can add rights to the parties in their project.

The role of the user is as follows:

  • The user is in charge of drafting and saving plans in accordance with the agreed instructions.
  • The user is in charge of the validity, updates and deletion of the files.
  • The user works within the project in the framework of the rights and features

that the orderer has specified.

  • The user may request more rights from the local project administrator for the specific project or from the SokoPro Helpdesk, if agreed separately with the orderer.
  • SokoPro rights are always project-specific.
  • The default setting is that each user may make copy orders from the project in question.
  • SokoPro User IDs are personal. In case of any problems, the users can contact the SokoPro Helpdesk.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary rights for saving files into the system. The customer is in charge of any immaterial rights and any consequences of infringement.


Grano is constantly developing the SokoPro service and its features and offers the SokoPro service and its content as it is available at any time. Grano has the right to change the features and content of the SokoPro service without seeking separate approval.

  1. User responsibility for the use of the SokoPro service

The user must store their User ID and password carefully in order to avoid unauthorised use and notify Grano without delay of any related malpractice that they are aware of.

The user may at any time terminate their registration, in which case the user no longer has access to the SokoPro service. Merely removing the software from the user’s device will not discontinue the user’s registration, but the user must send Grano a notification of terminating their registration to the e-mail address specified at the end of these Terms. Grano may terminate the user’s registration or restrict access to some parts of the SokoPro service, if Grano has justified grounds to believe the user is in breach of these Terms or that the user’s ID has been disclosed to outside parties.

  1. Handling personal information

Grano handles personal information as the data controller of its customer register in accordance with the data privacy legislation valid at any given time. The users’ personal data is processed and disclosed in the manner described in the Privacy Policy of this customer register. The Privacy Policy can be found by following the link at the bottom of the SokoPro website.



  1. Rights and restrictions concerning the use of the SokoPro service

Grano awards the user a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use to the SokoPro service.

The SokoPro service may only be used in compliance with the terms and conditions and applicable laws valid at any given time as well as any separate instructions and terms provided in the SokoPro service.

The user has the right to view and browse the SokoPro service and use the features within the SokoPro service. The user may not edit or reproduce the SokoPro service in any way or share, distribute, transfer, publicly display or otherwise publish the SokoPro service or parts of it as they are or in an edited form.

The user may not use the SokoPro service for (i) illegal or inappropriate actions or actions contrary to the purpose of the use of the SokoPro service, for (ii) actions intended to interrupt the operation of the SokoPro service, restrict other users’ opportunities of using the SokoPro service or otherwise disrupt the operation of the SokoPro service, or for (iii) providing false information.

Grano has the right to, without prior notice and at any time, limit or otherwise change the features or use of the SokoPro service as well as prevent the users from accessing the SokoPro service in the following situations, for example:

  1. The user tries to harm or hamper or otherwise participates in actions that weaken the website, data system, network or service;
  2. The user tries to use the service to send or share material that contains viruses, Trojans, worms, corrupt files or other similar programs that may damage someone’s property or the operation of someone’s computer;
  3. The user creates anonymous user IDs (calculation IDs). Please note that creating anonymous user IDs in the software database and sharing the anonymous IDs to a third party is in breach of good information security practices;
  4. The user creates a multi-project within the project. Each project must be opened as its own separate project;
  5. The user examines, maps or tests the vulnerability of the SokoPro system or network;
  6. The user breaks or otherwise circumvents the security and verification procedure of the SokoPro service;
  7. The user is responsible for disrupting or interrupting a user, host or network by sending a virus, overloading, or committing a denial-of-service attack by sending junk mail or flooding a section of the SokoPro service with messages;
  8. The user uses the service, searches for User IDs or creates a User ID in the SokoPro services through an interface that is not publicly supported (e.g. by systematically searching for data or creating large numbers of User IDs)
  9. The user sends altered, deceitful or false source information, or falsifies and phishes;
  10. The user markets or advertises products or services that are not their own without proper authorisation;
  11. The user sells services without specific authorisation to do so;
  12. The user publishes or shares material which is unlawful, pornographic or obscene, or which contains extreme violence or terrorist material, including terrorist propaganda;
  13. The user displays intolerance or hatred towards a person or group of people based on race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability;
  14. The user breaks the law by way of storing, publishing or sharing fraudulent, insensitive or misleading material, for example;
  15. The user infringes upon the privacy or rights of others.

Grano will not grant the user any other rights to the SokoPro service than those specified in these terms and conditions. The user relieves Grano and its group companies and all of their managers, employees and other representatives from liability pertaining to any claims caused by the user’s use of the SokoPro service.

  1. Intellectual property rights

The SokoPro service is the property of Grano or its cooperation partners, and it is protected by copyright laws and international intellectual property agreements. All of the intellectual property rights connected to the SokoPro service belong to Grano or its cooperation partners or other parties specified in the SokoPro service.

  1. Bulletins

From time to time, Grano may publish bulletins in the SokoPro service or send users bulletins concerning the SokoPro service to the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the user. Bulletins are deemed received within seven (7) days of sending them to the user or including them to the SokoPro service. If the user continues using the SokoPro service at this time, the user is deemed to have received the information regardless of the manner it was delivered.

  1. Availability and technical requirements of the SokoPro service

Using the SokoPro service may require the downloading of certain software created by Grano or a third party. The SokoPro service, some of its features as well as the operation of the SokoPro service may be dependent on network connections, compatibility of the devices used and supported content formats. Every now and then, Grano will publish updates that users should download onto their device after being notified of them, because failing to do so might lead to an inability to use the SokoPro service.

The availability of the SokoPro service may vary and it is provided at the sole discretion of Grano, including the geographical dimensions and language versions of the SokoPro service. Grano may change and repair the SokoPro service or discontinue it completely or in part as well as interrupt the use of the SokoPro service for the duration of maintenance breaks, for example, based on its sole consideration.

  1. Limitations of liability

Grano strives to have the SokoPro service continuously at the disposal of the users without interruptions. Grano does not, however, give any guarantees of the functionality or content of the SokoPro service, but offers them as they are.

Grano is not responsible for the uninterrupted, timely or flawless availability of the SokoPro service. Nor is Grano responsible for the validity, reliability, faults, shortcomings, inaccuracies or other faults in the information and content, or any infringements on rights, transmitted through the SokoPro service. The SokoPro service, its operation and some of its features may be dependent on network connections, compatibility of devices used and supported content formats.

Grano is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage (including damage caused by the loss of business, agreements, revenue or information or interruption of business operations) caused by the use of the SokoPro service or content or the inability to use said service or content or any other kind of utilisation or lack thereof of the SokoPro service or content, regardless of whether the damage is based on an agreement, infringement on rights, carelessness or other grounds, even if Grano had been previously informed of the possibility of such damage.

In any event, Grano’s responsibility is always limited to the maximum responsibility specified in imperative legal provisions.

  1. Changes to these Terms

These Terms shall become valid on 14 March 2019 and remain valid until further notice. Grano reserves the right to make changes to these Terms upon its own discretion. Any changes to these Terms will become valid once the changes have been communicated to the user in the SokoPro service or otherwise, after which they will be applied to user operations in the SokoPro service.

  1. Validity of the Terms

If any section of these Terms is deemed unlawful or unenforceable based on any grounds, this will not impact the legality or enforceability of the remaining sections of these Terms.

  1. Governing law and dispute resolution procedure

The use of the SokoPro service and these Terms are governed by Finnish law, excluding connecting factor rules. The parties shall strive to resolve any differences arising from these issues primarily by negotiating. If no agreement is reached within a reasonable period of time, the disputes are solved in the District Court of Helsinki as the court of first instance.

  1. Contact information

The service is maintained and offered by Grano Oy, whose business ID is 2197935-0.

Any requests related to the aforementioned can be submitted by e-mail to:


or by mail to:

Grano Oy / SokoPro / Palveluehdot,

Vesikuja 4, 02200 Espoo, Finland