SokoSite construction site diary

Record worksite events easily through SokoPro – via SokoSite.

What is SokoSite?


SokoSite is an easy-to-use tool in SokoPro that allows you to fill in your construction site diary and TR and MVR checks.


A project may have several diaries and checks, and managing their viewing rights of different project parties is simple with the help of user rights.


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Functionalities of SokoSite

Attaching files and photos

Attaching entry-specific files and photos to the forms

Printing out entries

Printing construction site diary and TR and MVR entries

File preview

Previewing the files and photos attached to entries directly in SokoPro

Several construction site diaries and checks

Support for several construction site diaries and checks within one project

User rights

Manage the visibility of construction ksite diaries and checks at the different user right levels

Digital approval

Senior construction site manager’s and supervisor’s approval of entries

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