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SokoPro is a cloud-based document management environment trusted by over 90,000 users that allows users to safely store and manage documents. Using our API, companies can easily manage and interact with files stored in SokoPro via different apps.

Build a custom integration

Connect other apps to SokoPro via SokoPro’s API. API integration enables the sending and retrieval of information to your own apps.

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Once your app has been connected to SokoPro’s API and the integration complies with the best practices of software development, it can be published on the SokoPro app store, making it available to other users. See the terms and conditions of the commercial license by clicking this link.

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Built for developers

SokoPro helps developers overcome challenges with content management by taking complex processes and abstracting them with just a few lines of code — all backed by industry-leading security and compliance.

The possibility of using SokoPro’s API allows software developers to create user-oriented solutions for shared users.

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Based on customer needs, we offer the following APIs for SokoPro. Integrations allow us to open information flow between different applications.

Key features

Secure, encrypted cloud storage

Upload, access and manage content in SokoPro’s secure cloud platform, trusted by over 90,000 users. All files are encrypted during transfer.

File preview

Display viewers for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, videos and 3D models.

Keyword search

Find files in SokoPro with keyword-based queries across file and folder names, file descriptions and in-file text for documents.

File and folder metadata

Enrich files with metadata and maximise content findability in SokoPro.

Data security

SokoPro is a data security forerunner in the software industry, as is evident by its data security certification. Security and customer-friendliness are integral parts of our products and service structure.

Event log

Access a complete event log for documents and user activities.