SokoPro Congrid integration

Automate updating plans from SokoPro to Congrid.

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What is SokoPro Congrid integration?



A SokoPro project and a Congrid project can be linked to each other through an interface between the systems. Reduce the need for manual work and let your interface link the necessary plans and layouts to a Congrid project automatically and directly.


After the interface has been activated for your SokoPro project, you can select the files from the index and link them to Congrid via the simple user interface.


The interface supports revision updates, which ensures that the worksite also always has the up-to-date information.



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Activating an interface is easy



The interface can be taken into use quickly; just change a few settings through the easy-to-use, simple user interface and you can start linking the layouts right away. The comprehensive help portal will get you started quickly.


Has your project not yet been integrated with Congrid? Order an integration easily by contacting our helpdesk,, or by clicking the button below.



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