Property bank

Collect all property and housing documents as well as projects in one place for easy accessibility.


What is the Property bank? 


The Property bank is SokoPro’s service for managing files of property and real estate or housing companies, as well as projects throughout their lifecycle.


With the Property bank, you save time and costs.


In the Property bank, files are kept in one place from planning to maintenance. You can create a project for each renovation, building, or apartment on one single platform. File revision allows you to save all file versions, enabling you to smoothly manage files created throughout the lifecycle. Completed projects are easily archived with a single button press. Editing folders and project permissions is simple and ensures that only designated individuals have access to them.


By ordering the SokoBid tendering tool for the Property bank, you can conveniently competitively tender projects of all sizes in SokoPro and thereby save time and effort.


You avoid unexpected additional costs as you get unlimited storage space and user accounts.


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Features of the Property bank

 The Property bank has many features to facilitate the management of files. 

Project management

Create your own project for a complete entity and customize the folder structure to your liking. Easily archive completed projects.

Project portfolio view

Conveniently see all Property banks and the active projects initiated in them listed in one view.


Organize and classify content using customized metadata.

Revision management

Enables the preservation of all file versions.

Unlimited storage space

Unlimited storage space for files and the ability to access content on all devices and browsers.

Access rights

Different access rights enable the safe sharing of files among various parties involved in projects.

View files and videos.

Preview files directly in SokoPro. We support various file formats, including PDF, IFC, DWG, and Office files.


SokoPro is a pioneer in the data security of file management solutions.

Extensive search features

File search based on file type and file content, among other criteria.


You can use the Property Bank for managing information related to both large property portfolios and housing companies.

SokoBid-tendering tool

Additional feature/module for creating and managing quotation requests.

SokoSite-construction site diary and safety indicators

Additional feature/module for managing construction site safety (TR and MVR).

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