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SokoPro – A story of the courage to create something new


As is the case with countless other success stories, the story of SokoPro is rooted in the desire to solve a customer’s problem in a new way.

It all began in 1993, when documents that needed to be printed were still being transferred via modems using painfully slow connections. The Finnish construction industry saw the launch of some highly notable construction projects; the Hartwall Arena project was conceived, while McDonald’s was expanding rapidly across the country. These types of major construction projects obviously require the management of massive amounts of information. Possible solutions to the resulting information management challenges were a constant topic of discussion with customers.

It was soon realised that storing and sharing images to different parties could significantly speed up project flow and reduce the slow transmission of files. As was the case with many other industries as well, the construction industry was also feeling the impacts of the transformation of information management. This transformation opened up new avenues for bold developers, resulting in the creation of a new tool with which all the information needed and produced during a construction project could be managed digitally in one place.

With the help of SokoPro, McDonald’s was able to open its new restaurants up to several days earlier than expected, allowing them to sell many more Big Macs in the time saved. These types of successes allowed the product development of SokoPro to continue in earnest, resulting in rapid growth in customer numbers and soon making SokoPro a well-known and reliable tool in the construction industry.

SokoPro’s soaring popularity also resulted in the sale of the first international project to Poland in 1996.


At the start of the new millennium, SokoPro already had hundreds of projects and over 10,000 users under its belt. However, as information technology continued to advance, so too did the requirements set for software. In response, the SokoPro development team partnered with customers and began to develop the project bank into a comprehensive information management system, fully compliant with industry standards. With user numbers continuing to soar, the foundation for SokoPro’s continued development was more solid than ever.

SokoPro’s development continued, based first and foremost on the needs of customers. It is this principle that has allowed SokoPro to keep constantly improving and achieve such a high level of data security, scalability and agility.


In 2011, SokoPro became the first Finnish project bank to be granted an information security certificate. This served to further increase our customers’ respect and faith in SokoPro, and by 2016 the system already had over 50,000 users, of which approx. 10% abroad.

The success has only continued since then, and today SokoPro has approximately 80,000 users averaging 16,000 daily logins. 

The future

The same desire to solve customers’ problems that originally gave birth to SokoPro is still reflected in its development today. We are proud to be able to make our customers’ everyday operations easier with modern and effective solutions.

The rapid growth in the number of users has also accelerated the development of the software, with the aim of meeting customers’ needs in a proactive manner. Going forward, the software will serve the needs of all industries, not just construction.

Many people recognise SokoPro thanks to its smiling brand characters. You can also see the same smile and brand identity on our exhibitions stands at both domestic and international trade fairs.

Every construction project is unique, and SokoPro’s journey from the very first construction project to today has been filled with an amazing variety of projects. No matter the size of your project, you can rest assured that the customer is always our number one priority!

Jouni Silvennoinen

Business Development Director

+358 20 743 5222