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SokoPro Oy earns an Achievers certificate from Kauppalehti

SokoPro Oy, a leading Finnish software company operating in the construction sector, has earned the prestigious Achievers certificate awarded by the leading business newspaper Kauppalehti. The award recognises businesses that have demonstrated exceptional growth and success in their sectors. 

The Achievers certificate is a distinction awarded to businesses that have delivered strong financial performance and growth in turnover and profitability. These businesses meet exacting criteria, and are approved after a thorough analysis that includes financial metrics and an evaluation of business development. 

SokoPro Oy has become a significant operator in the construction sector by supplying innovative solutions and services. Its strength is reflected in the development of a digital platform that facilitates construction project management and cooperation between various parties. SokoPro supplies tools that designers, contractors and clients can use to make construction projects more efficient and enhance transparency. 

The Achievers certificate is an important distinction for SokoPro Oy, which is committed to continuous development and ever-greater client satisfaction. The company’s success reflects close teamwork, competent staff and the ability to respond to client needs. SokoPro seeks to give the client optimal construction project management solutions while boosting development of the entire construction sector. 

Chief Operating Officer Rasmus Vainio noted the Achievers certificate distinction: “We are very pleased and proud to earn the Kauppalehti Achievers certificate in recognition of our hard work and our dedication to supplying the best solutions to our clients. Thanks are also due to our superb team that has made this achievement possible.” 

The Kauppalehti Achievers certificate is a prestigious distinction, signifying the strong performance and success of the company, and providing competitive credibility and prominence. The certificate enhances the status of SokoPro Oy in the construction sector, fostering greater confidence among clients, partners and investors. 

SokoPro Oy continues to grow and to invest in developing innovative solutions to the needs of the construction sector. The Achievers certificate confirms that the company has chosen the right strategy and business format. This recognition gives SokoPro Oy a strong foundation for further achievements, fostering confidence in the company’s future.