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SokoPro’s 3D information model viewer

The SokoPro 3D viewer allows you to preview light IFC models directly in SokoPro. The viewer includes a diverse range of features that allow for more effective change monitoring and make document management both quick and easy. These new digital operating methods enable decision-making to be based on significantly more detailed information. SokoPro 3D is a project-specific feature with which we want to provide all user groups with the ability to view designers’ 3D IFC models throughout the building’s life cycle.

SokoPro 3D makes it easier to examine and utilise designers’ 3D IFC models throughout the building’s life cycle. Giving all parties an easy way to understand and review plans allows the decision-making carried out during the planning and building process to be based on more detailed information. Making the information model accessible also facilitates its use. For example, everyone knows that checking the right detail on a drawing printed on paper is a slow and tedious process. A 3D information model, on the other hand, allows the end user to quickly and easily zoom in and crop the desired part. As part of SokoPro’s product development, we want to enable the utilisation of information models throughout a building’s life cycle by making them accessible to planners, architects, end customers, builders and building maintenance personnel alike. The aim of the feature is to increase customer value and streamline processes.