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4 steps to more efficient construction projects

There are as many project management methods as there are projects in the construction sector, but we can see some common factors in generally more successful projects. We have formulated four tips for using SokoPro to make a construction project more efficient, save hours of consultation and reduce the risk of error. 

  1. A preconfigured folder structure saves time and trouble

It is important to set out a clear and simple structure for a project from the beginning, because at the end of the day this can save a lot of time and trouble. We can create a preconfigured folder structure for SokoPro that precisely matches the needs of your business. This folder structure can be used whenever a new project starts, enabling everyone in the organisation to work according to a common format, with no need to reinvent the wheel every time a new project begins. 

  1. SokoPro automations keep project parties up to date

SokoPro provides several built-in features that can be used to notify project participants of updates and changes. An automatic notification function enables e-mail notifications when files are updated. Notifications can be set to monitor folders or individual files. 

An automated order function can also be set up to generate print orders automatically. These orders can be defined for individual folders and files. SokoPro performs a nightly review that checks all updates in the project bank and automatically places an order with the copying facility if a file or folder has been updated. Submitted copy orders are easy to review at a later time. 

  1. Documents and data models may be viewed directly in SokoPro

SokoPro allows you to preview several of the most common file types without special software. You may view MS Office documents, DWG and IFC files and videos. You may even combine and preview data models directly in SokoPro. 

The Vektor Embedded BIM Viewer supplied by Vektor Oy is integrated into SokoPro, enabling harmonisation and viewing of extensive BIM materials. BIM Viewer also incorporates versatile tools for easy and effortless viewing of data models. 

  1. Directory-specific access rights boost efficiency

Access privilege groups are an easy way to manage the visibility of directories, ensuring that people may only access the files that they need. This simplifies things for everyone and ensures more manageable operations.