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SokoPro makes the day-to-day operations of builders easier

One of the digital tools used by SRV is SokoPro, Grano’s web-based service for data management, sharing and archiving. SokoPro makes the management of construction projects easier by keeping information about schedules, deliveries, drawings and site journals up to date. The information uploaded to the system can also be used in property maintenance throughout the entire life cycle of the property and in connection with renovations, for example. SokoPro can also be connected to other systems used by customers. In addition to providing online access to assets, the system can also be used to order paper prints.

SokoPro is as browser-based system, the user access rights to which can be defined based on the customer’s needs. The system also supports Single Sign-On, allowing users to access SokoPro automatically upon signing into their computer by using their own password. This way you do not need to administer and establish individual SokoPro accounts or deactivate them upon the termination of an employment relationship or at the end of a work stage, for example.

“We implemented SSO for SokoPro because our aim is to reduce the number of different user accounts and thus make it easier to log in to and manage user accounts. Going forward, we will also be able to automatically remove access to SokoPro when a user’s AD account is deactivated.” says SRV’s ICT Manager Mika Hynninen.

A familiar and reliable tool

SRV Construction Ltd’s project engineer Tytti Kuusikko uses SokoPro both on worksites and at the office.

“We make quite extensive use of SokoPro’s features. It is safe to say that SokoPro is familiar to almost everyone in the construction industry. SokoPro’s greatest assets include its reliability and effective customer service. The Brava features also garner a lot of praise here.” says Kuusikko.

Brava Enterprise is a browser-based viewer with which SokoPro users can preview technical drawings and compare changes. The viewer includes a diverse range of features that allow for more effective change monitoring and make document management both quick and easy.