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SokoPro Oy has been awarded the Suomen Vahvimmat Gold Certificate.

Suomen Asiakastieto has awarded the prestigious Suomen Vahvimmat Gold Certificate to SokoPro Oy as recognition of the company’s strong financial performance and reliability. The certificate is granted to companies that meet strict economic and reliability criteria. The Gold Certificate symbolizes positive financial indicators, high creditworthiness, background information, and good payment habits. Companies receiving this certificate strengthen and stabilize Finland’s economy as pillars of the economy. 

SokoPro Oy has established itself as a leading provider of software solutions in the construction and real estate industry in Finland. The company’s innovative and user-friendly applications have received acclaim from industry professionals. Additionally, a strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous development has been crucial to SokoPro Oy’s success. 

For SokoPro Oy, the award of the Gold Certificate represents a significant milestone. The company plans to continue investing in high-quality and innovative software solutions as well as prioritizing customer satisfaction. SokoPro Oy is convinced that collaboration with customers and a constant commitment to development are the keys to success in the construction and real estate industry.