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Benefits of digitisation in the construction sector

While digitisation has long been ongoing in many industries, the digital revolution in the construction sector is still in its infancy. Many processes are still done manually, even though they could easily be digitised. Businesses often have no strategy for benefiting from digitisation. We have to ask what real value can be secured by digitising the construction sector. Is there any benefit to be gained? 

A study by McKinsey & Company consultants has found that construction sector businesses can boost their productivity by as much as 20 per cent by digitising their operations. Digitisation has many advantages that promote the entire sector. We have listed a few examples.


  • Simplifying data collection and storage. Sustainable development metrics are increasingly important. Digitisation simplifies efficient collecting of value-generating data using modern systems. This makes it easier to evaluate information and determine how it can help in development work.


  • A common, productive workflow. Digitising the construction process makes it transparent. Using digital collaboration solutions to interconnect multiple project modules avoids project fragmentation and consequent loss of productivity. A well organised, user-friendly solution clarifies working processes for everyone and helps to avoid misunderstandings.


  • Available and updated documentation. Digitally archived documentation remains readily accessible to all concerned parties, and is always updated in real time. Using a common cloud-based platform for construction project data, documentation and other information allows all parties to work with the right documents, which remain accessible from a single source, both at the office and at the construction site. And maybe best of all, there is no longer any risk of printed documents getting lost or overlooked.


  • More accurate calculations and fewer incorrect purchases. A construction project information model can provide all information concerning the various components of a building. This simplifies the process of preparing estimates and helps to avoid incorrect purchases.


Would you like further details?

Construction firms can benefit hugely from digitising operations. How far has your business progressed in digitisation? SokoPro can help you digitise your construction project, enabling simpler processes and secure access to documents wherever you are. Find further details of our services here.